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What others are saying about BSVA
This is a very nice place, friendly people who accept you, horses that instantly you will fall in love with, a fanatistic view, plenty of space, a true horse person dream to be here, the love laughter and apprection is unbarrable at BSVA highly recommended and highly apprecitative to be part of it <3

-Cody Franklin 6/30/12
Splash ~ Loved by Kelly
Cleatis ~ Barn dog loved by all
Bob ~ AQHA Skipaway Blue Stone ~ Loved by Jaime
Dodge ~ APHA American Rebel Yell ~ 
Trainee Loved by all
Boo~ Loved by Erin
Lizzy and Louie ~ AQHA Here For A Reason
Allyssa & Kaluah ~ Dancin Acres Angel
BSVA Drill Team
Jaime & 2yr old AQHA Quincys Gypsy Gold
Jaime & Bob
Tailored Details ~ Loved by Adrielle
Jaime & 4 yr old APHA La Dice Clancy
We just visited BSVA yesterday with our 10 yr old daughter. This place is AMAZING!! Sherry introduced us to all the horses currently at the stables and let my daughter ride one of the sweetest horses I've ever met, Rio. Not to be out done, Don has to be the gentlest giant ever! My daughter had such an amazing time that she can't stop talking about it or wait to start lessons!
Thank you for allowing us to come and see the beauty you have made there. Sherry was right....It definitely is a little slice of heaven!

- Chrissy 4/20/2016